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We collect and recycle your waste just by your one click

Welcome to Bhangarvale. We collect your waste and scraps just give a pickup request. We think for enviroment, we want sustain development, we care for animals, we care for cleanliness, we care for Swachh Bharat Mission, just put a request to collect your scraps and waste. We focus on recycle your waste. We are improving and aiming to decrease waste by recycle it we are located at your near by areas.

Bhangarvale involves the collection, transport, segregation & recycling of waste collected from various sources. Bhangarvale helps reduce the adverse effects of unmanaged and accumulated waste on human health and the environment. Most things made of paper, metals, plastics, rubber, glass can be recycled. Hence, we accept a wide range of unusable scrap items. These items are separated and then recycled at their respective recycling plants. Since recycling conserves energy and resources, we aim to recycle the maximum out of any scrap item.

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