Privacy Policy

This privacy policy requires that you agree to our terms and conditions.

BhangarVale’s sole aim is to make India free from waste materials via our sell scrap community for exchange of valuable currency. We understand the importance of personal information to be utilized and we take your privacy concerns very acutely and sincerely. Utilizing our website BhangarVale, you agree to the rules & regulations outlined by us.

We totally commit to your right to privacy and keeping your personal data protected. We also encourage our customers to read our policies to take a perfect observation of, how we deal with restricted & specialized data we collect and how we carry out the entire legal process with utter commitment.

This policy does not have any significant bearing to the acts of third party involvement that BhangarVale does not possess or control, or to people that BhangarVale does not utilize or oversee.

Personal Data collected by BhangarVale

BhangarVale only inquire the customers for the necessary informational & personal data relevant to coordinate with purpose of our website. Here are some details we consider to move this with benefit-

Personal Identification: For better delivery of efficient services, we collect some personal details to proceed further, nevertheless not constrained to, once user registers for a scrap pickup on demand service, we ask for some relevant information to identify your location & place an order and reference to many other activities. A user is asked to fill in some necessary identification details such as customer name, telephone number, mobile number, personal email address, residential or corporate address etc. Uses should submit their details to proceed further. Non submission of personal details may lead to incomplete service or can cause trouble, while carrying out the technical process of BhangarVale solution. We do not access any personal data unless an user provide itself intentionally.

Non private data: The accessible & identifiable personal data can be utilized to carry out the demands. Non personal data may include the name of the specific browser, all the technical related info & other resources that can be gained by us, while a user interact with our BhangarVale Website.


A small set of info is relocated into the browser to enhance user experience of BhangarVale Website user’s, which is accessible by us & not to the client’s side.

Email and Telephonic Communications

BhangarVale is extremely concerned about your security and we will never give your email deliver and phone number to an outsider without your unequivocal authorization, as point by point in the "Sharing Your Information" segment beneath.

BhangarVale may convey messages and messages with BhangarVale-related newsletters, items, offers, overviews or advancements. You may likewise get notice messages and messages from BhangarVale personnel’s, which advise you of activities that have been performed on the site. Be that as it may, please take note of that in all cases you will keep on receiving all framework messages (e.g. those in regards to overlooked client passwords) and legitimate notification (e.g. redesigns to our preparations) from us.

Information sharing

Our trustworthiness towards the user personal information is reliable and we never share or sell your personal details to anybody. We can allocate your personal details for the further assistance of our services to the type of people mentioned below:

Authorized representatives– BhangarVale will share your identifiable personal info with the authorized employees, scrap vendors, etc to facilitate the scrap pick up course of action for our users only if necessary.

Sharing profile with authorized vendors- BhangarVale can share the user’s profile with the authorized scrap pickup vendors as per the requirements of the user.

Transfers- In case, we make a move to buy or sell your scrap & then the transfer of user’s identifiable information can be done. Transfer of exchanges in any form can also lead to allocation of user’s personal details, if mandatory.

For third party- Third party members are those, who are involved in the midst of our scrap buy & sell solution. These may include individuals from the team of advertisers, merchants, vendors, associates, partners & others for future purpose. It can be distributed to the approved members, who work on behalf of BhangarVale operational solution. The third parties are in different non- disclosed terms & conditions with the BhangarVale according to a personal agreement.

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